Pranas.NET is a computer consulting company dedicated to providing top-quality services to small business companies.

We build and maintain dynamic web sites, create databases, do .NET programming, analyze business problems and find the ways computers can simplify your business.

There is a tremendous amount of competition for your IT dollar. Why would you choose us?

  1. We have some of the best people in the industry (see About Us section)
  2. We follow our slogan: Keeping computers simple
    Let us handle all the complexity of computers, so you have more time to handle your business
  3. We will cost you less than bigger companies
    We have no administrative overhead of big companies. We have no sales staff, no HR, no administrators, just developers.
  4. It’s free to try
    If you have a business problem, talk to us. Even if we won’t take the project, you will get a professional advice for free.