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How to forward/redirect email in Google Apps

It is very convenient to open Google Apps account and use Google as your mail server. However the simple email forwarding becomes a challenge when for example you want two people send and receive emails using lets say account. This post will explain how to setup email redirects in Google Apps. This assumes you are an administrator and know how to get to your domain management dashboard (from gmail’s wrench menu select “Manage this domain”)

Note that Google does not offer Google Apps for free any more:
“Prior to December 6, 2012, Google offered a free edition of Google Apps—also known as the Standard edition—that had a reduced set of business features. As of December 6, 2012, Google stopped offering Free edition to new customers.”

Email forwarding with forwarders in user’s account (simple)

  1. Create a new regular user (like
  2. Login as this user to Gmail
  3. Go to Settings > Forwarders and set up your own email (like as a recipient “Forward a copy of incoming mail to” –  this will take care of receiving emails sent to the new account
    • Note that this won’t work if you need to forward to multiple emails. In this case you are better off using filters to forward all (*) email
  4. Now login to Gmail as yourself ( , go to Settings / Account and add the new email to  “Send mail as” section – this will allow you to send email from the new account

Email forwarding with Groups

Note: this does not work as of 2014

Create a group – all of it’s members will receive a copy of the email to this group. Sending from this group is also possible, but recipients (in Gmail) will see “ via”. Some claim it is unprofessional. We think it is minor. This method also saves you from creating new users – in free version you are limited to only 10.

  1. Click Groups > “Create a new group”
  2. Name the group and check “Also allow anyone on the Internet to post messages”
  3. Add members (recepients)