Monthly Archives: May 2012

SQL backup to SkyDrive

SkyDrive from Microsoft gives you 25GB of cloud space for free. Seems like a great place to keep you SQL Server database backups.

Here’s how to backup SQL Server databases to SkyDrive using SQLBackupAndFTP:

  • When you install SkyDrive, it creates a special folder. Everything that you put into this folder will be synced to the SkyDrive servers in the cloud.
  • Open SQLBackupAndFTP, select databases to backup, check “Store backups in a local/network folder” and set the folder to be that SkyDrive folder.

Note that there’s a big drawback – SkyDrive will sync only when you are logged in.

Currently Microsoft has given only Windows Phone and Windows 8 platform developers access to the full SkyDrive API – see this blog for details. Until MS opens up their API, we will not be able to add SkyDrive as a backup destination to our products, sorry.