How to create a page without a sidebar in WordPress?

Sidebar is useful on most of the pages of a WordPress site – you can add recent posts or categories there. However on pages like Privacy Policy it seems unnecessary. I use a simple and nice WordPress theme Twenty Thirteen, but it lacks a page template without a sidebar. Here I will show how to create such a template in a few very easy steps. Note that the idea is not mine – it is a compilation from other sources.

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Toggl review 2014

Toggl Tracking

Toggl is a cool time tracking application by a company in Estonia that seems insanely simple. It allows you track time right from a browser, computer or a smartphone. The main premise is that you just type what you are working on, hit button Start and a timer starts ticking. When you are done – hit Stop button.

For up to 5 users you can use either Free or the Pro plan. If you have more than 5 users, you have to use the Pro plan that is $5/user/month. The Free plan leaves you with no Excel exports, no company logo on reports, no Tasks, no report sharing, it is harder to calculate billable times, no option to limit who creates the project and no integration - compare the plans for more details. It is available for every platform. Below is a detailed Toggle review with a lot of screenshots and text – if you are in a rush – just skip to the Summary

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How to restore SQL Server database remotely

RestoreImagine how cool would it be: you are on vacation on a beach when you receive a panicked email from your client telling you he has lost all his data. You take your smartphone, log in to, press “Restore” next to the last backup and in a few minutes tell the client that his database was restored. This is as close to James Bond as a database administrator could ever get! Well, it is not a dream any more.
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Time Doctor review 2014

Time Doctor is one of the programs that combine time tracking with basic  employee monitoring. Screenshots are taken at random intervals, then all of this is uploaded online for managers to review. Below is a detailed Time Doctor review, there are a lot of text and images, so if you are in a rush, just skip to the Summary. TimeDoctor
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Best DNS hosting and management services

Recently we have encountered a question of selecting a reliable and fast DNS service providers. Why? The main reason was that 1and1 – the registrar for some of our sites has the most terrible domain control panel ever that does not allow configuring TXT records that we need for SPF. See the comparison below.

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How to use employee monitoring software and remain a great company

EyeInMonitorEmployee monitoring software has become commonplace. Many apps take monitor screenshots, capture keystrokes and mouse movements, monitor active applications and visited sites and, in extreme cases, can even take pictures using webcam. It seems to be fair to track what your employees do when they are being paid for their time. After all, if they exchange their time for money, it seems fair for the employer to know what they are paying for. So, why does it still feel morally inappropriate in some cases? The question is far from being just theoretical. If a wrong decision is made, a company may suffer from lawsuits, experience a backlash and overall productivity drop (opposite from what was intended) from their employees or suffer damage to the company’s image. Let’s review in more detail what employee monitoring practices can be considered valid and what should be avoided.

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SQL backup to Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is a great and cheap place to keep your SQL Server database backups.

SQLBackupAndFTP starting from the Standard version now allows you  to backup SQL Server databases to Amazon S3 directly.

Amazon S3 backup

To set up the backups you need to have your Access Key and Secret Key that you can find under “Security Credentials” in Amazon Web Services:

SQL backup to Google Drive

Google Drive starts you off with 5GB for free. Seems like a great place to keep you SQL Server database backups.

Google Drive

SQLBackupAndFTP starting from the Standard version now allows you  to backup SQL Server databases to Google Drive directly. On the main form just select Google Drive as your backup destination, authorize the program with Google – and you are done!